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Hi!  Welcome. I'm Donna.
I help people with chronic pain find relief so they can enjoy doing what they love.  I’m a yoga teacher specializing in therapeutic yoga. 

If you have persistent chronic pain that you’d like to relieve, I can help by working with you on a personal therapeutic yoga program that is designed just for you. 

I work with individuals whose pain gets in the way of their full enjoyment of life.  My focus is on chronic pain, and I am passionate about learning and teaching the current research and practices that support my clients in their quest to live a pain-free life.

Donna Sellers
Ease pain with yoga.  Enjoy life again.
  • Do you want to feel more ease, less strain, move better, get stronger, be more flexible?
  • Do you have chronic pain? Do you want to feel good again?
  • Would you like to find healing through deep relaxation, restorative yoga, and Reiki?
  • Would you like a small class so you get more personal attention?
Small classes or private sessions. 
  • Get stronger, be more flexible and full of energy.
  • In small classes, you can have more personal attention so you feel a deeper connection to yourself.
  • Try a private session.  Discover your pain triggers and how to release them.   Lessen your pain, feel good again.
  • Relax, unwind and rest with Reiki energy treatments.
  • Feel calm, restored and rested.  Ready to face the world!
A simple breathing exercise to help you relax and feel calmer.

Become aware of your breathing.  Is it shallow or deep?  Is it forced or relaxed?  Are you inhaling into your belly or into the top of your chest?  Gently and slowly, without forcing the breath, begin to deepen your inhale.  Gently draw the breath into the belly without anxiety or pressure.  As you breathe out, release any tension or pain you are holding, along with the breath.

To calm your mind if it is busy or agitated, gradually make your exhale a little longer than your inhale.  If your mind is sluggish or you are feeling depressed, allow the count of your inhale to equal your exhale.

Take 10 breaths like this, slowly and without forcing.  Notice how you feel. 

And some Reflections on Restorative Yoga. 

Restorative yoga is not your typical yoga class.  It’s not about exercise whatsoever (you’ll only break a sweat if you happened to work out beforehand or it’s a really hot day). 

Instead it’s mostly about relaxing, something I rarely take the time to do and in truth don’t highly value.  But oh, is it ever worth it nonetheless.  Donna leads us slowly from one relaxing pose to the next and you never knew it was possible to feel so calm and restored, nor that you needed it so badly.

It feels almost illegal to let yourself be in this way (but the good kind of illegal where it’s literally impossible for anyone to get hurt).  This class challenges me to become aware of my beliefs around always working when awake and what is really required to be productive.  I’m not sure where I’m heading with that but I’m certainly enjoying the process.  - Maggie DiStasi,

For Restorative Yoga classes, click here.

To register for a group class or book a private session, call Donna
at 416-859-0585 or email

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About YogaSpiritus

My home-based studio on the third floor of a beautiful century home in Mimico, South Etobicoke, is a great place to practise yoga, get strong and flexible, relieve pain, and feel good.  You can also book a private session in your home. 

To join a group class or book a private session, call Donna
at 416-859-0585 or email

Subscribe to YogaSpiritus Newsletter
For valuable tips on how to become stronger, more flexible, and reduce pain.

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