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Do you suffer with chronic pain or stress?

Do you suffer from pain that interferes with things you love to do?  Do you often feel tight, stiff, sore, tense or achy, and aren't sure where to turn to find relief? 

You're not alone.  Nearly one person in three suffers from lingering chronic pain.  Maybe you get headaches, or have shoulder pain, back pain,  hip pain, knee pain, foot pain (including plantar fasciitis), even sciatica or fibromyalgia.

Do you imagine being pain free?  What would that look like for you?

What do you love to do that you feel you're missing out on? 

Would you like to find out how you can bring joy and easy movement back into your life? 

Therapeutic Yoga can help.

 Many of my clients have suffered from chronic pain for months, even years.  They find the tools of therapeutic yoga extremely effective, and practise them easily in their daily lives.  Their pain changes, and they're thrilled when they're able to pick up a favourite activity that they'd given up.  And so am I!

Therapeutic yoga is life changing.  I know.  I see it on my clients' happy faces.

So you can do what you love, without pain.

Do you have chronic pain or stress?  Do you want to unwind, find pain relief and feel 10 years younger? 

Call or email me today.  Let's chat! and discover if Therapeutic Yoga or Private yoga coaching is right for you.

  Discover how Therapeutic Yoga can help you. 

Book your free 15-minute telephone consultation with Donna today. 

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 Donna Sellers, yoga teacher and founder of YogaSpiritus.

"If you want a yoga instructor who is knowledgeable, enjoyable, relaxing and restoring, I have found Donna's no-pressure, down-to-earth and genuine caring approach incorporates it all.  A couple of weeks ago my neck and shoulder had seized to the point of pain.  Under her instruction and guidance I could feel the tension ebbing away as she directed me through specific positions and movements.  By the end of class I felt wonderful, no tension, no stiffness, no pain.  In addition however, I also left that evening with the knowledge of how to keep the pain away.  Thank you, Donna, for your expert touch." -- Rosemary B.

"During the past year, I had pulled my back and had been enduring a great deal of pain.  Since I started yoga with Donna, my back has much more strength, the pain has subsided, and my energy level has gone up.  Emotionally, I believe I am less prone to the stresses of our everyday life and can enjoy many more activities that had been absent during the past year.  Thank you, Donna." -- Diane H.


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