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  Does chronic pain or stress stop you from enjoying life as much as you'd like?

Are you suffering from pain but you haven't  taken the time to pay attention to your body or give yourself some TLC?  Do you feel sleep deprived?  As if you are running on empty?  Too much to do and not enough time to do it in?  

You are not alone.

As many as one person in 5 may be suffering from chronic pain, best described as pain that still lingers more than three months after an initial injury.  A recent survey found that 94% of people with chronic pain feel that living with pain is a daily struggle, and 91% say it is disruptive to their daily lives.  

Even worse, half of these chronic pain sufferers believed their family and friends doubt how bad their pain is.  So they suffer in silence.

Therapeutic Yoga can help.

Research shows that the mind and body have built-in healing abilities.  Yoga practitioners discovered this  thousands of years ago, and yoga provides exactly the tools you need to encourage healing.  With simple breathing, relaxation and movement tools, you can tap into these abilities and literally teach your body and mind how to feel good again.

Intelligent gentle movement.  Breathing with awareness and compassion.  Deep relaxation.

These are the simple, effective tools of therapeutic yoga that can help you change the pain.  Practise moving in a safe range of motion, and your body and brain will respond.  You will have less pain.

5 Steps To Relieve Pain
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  So you can do what you love, without pain.

 Gentle yoga, breathing and meditation can help many different types of pain, including

Shoulder Pain, Including Frozen Shoulder
Back Pain
Sciatica and Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Foot Pain, Including Plantar Fasciitis

     If you want to 

 Feel younger and more energetic.

Relieve chronic pain or stress, weakness, or general fatigue. 
Gain strength and flexibility.
Strengthen the mind-body-spirit connection to create a healthy, pain-free life for yourself.


Make a change to live the life you truly want.

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 I'm Donna Sellers, yoga teacher and founder of YogaSpiritus.

I help my clients feel better so they can enjoy doing what they love.  If you have persistent chronic pain or stress that you’d like to relieve, I can help by working with you on a personal therapeutic yoga program designed just for you.

I offer private sessions in yoga therapy so you can move with strength and flexibility and find gentle pain relief.

  • One-on-one private sessions where you practise moving and breathing in a safe, gentle way that changes your nervous system, and changes your pain.
  • Small group classes in therapeutic yoga for pain relief, meditation and restorative yoga.

  Do you want to change your pain and live the life you love?

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"If you want a yoga instructor who is knowledgeable, enjoyable, relaxing and restoring, I have found Donna's no-pressure, down-to-earth and genuine caring approach incorporates it all.  A couple of weeks ago my neck and shoulder had seized to the point of pain.  Under her instruction and guidance I could feel the tension ebbing away as she directed me through specific positions and movements.  By the end of class I felt wonderful, no tension, no stiffness, no pain.  In addition however, I also left that evening with the knowledge of how to keep the pain away.  Thank you, Donna, for your expert touch." -- Rosemary B.

"During the past year, I had pulled my back and had been enduring a great deal of pain.  Since I started yoga with Donna, my back has much more strength, the pain has subsided, and my energy level has gone up.  Emotionally, I believe I am less prone to the stresses of our everyday life and can enjoy many more activities that had been absent during the past year.  Thank you, Donna." -- Diane H.

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